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When a foster care case begins, the courtroom is crowded with a judge, a representative from a foster care agency, biological parents, family members, attorneys, other courtroom staff and, of course, the child. Even though the child should be the priority in the room, the judges, caseworkers and service providers who determine the child’s future simply do not have adequate time to understand the specific needs of each and every child.

Champions for CASA was founded to give every child in foster care a CASA. Champions for CASA works in partnership with the CASA Program of Las Vegas to recruit, retain and recognize volunteers for their life-changing work for children in foster care who have been abused and neglected.

Champions for CASA is committed to achieving the goal of having a Court Appointed Special Advocate for every child in care in Clark County. To reach 1,500 volunteers, we need to recruit more outstanding volunteers and give the current volunteers the tools, skills, and support they need to weather the challenges facing these children.

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